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Jason L Lewis 07/22/2020

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Huh here I am again. As of late I haven't been playin xbox anywhere near as much as I used to. Between rejoining the 19th and working on my story writing skills I haven't really thought much of the 34th or ONI in my free time . Maybe my nostalgia from my first months here blinded me into coming back multiple times, or maybe it was the people. Either way Halo is no longer center stage in my life. As I look into an interstate move and beginning writing an original story and maybe some Arma ops I am cutting one aspect of my life where progress is moving at a snails pace. Thank you to everyone who has been alongside me since the days under Elias on MWL, and thanks to the people who put all this together. But my time here is over and greener pastures await, and to my friends @B1ue Team Sucks @Shandykidinkent@Mr Morris@Tx3 Yanovich, and @Harry Cramb thanks for the time y'all put up with whatever stupid phase I was going through when we all met. Y'all Remember to hit me up on Discord if y'all wanna play Hearts of Iron, Arma, Modern Warfare or Battlefield when I'm available. It's been a fun ride guys. See y'all on the flip side.

Former PO2 and PV2 PriceReborn245 A.K.A. Jason L Lewis

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