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Final Responsibility and Information

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Resignation; the act of resigning, is the formal act of giving up or quitting one's office or position. Resigning is offered by the Office of Naval Intelligence to members that no longer wish to serve or who are aware that they cannot serve any longer at any capacity. Treated differently from a discharge, resignations are an action colloquially to a release from active duty. The two share the same equal status at different methods. User is granted resignation status on the website and no longer treated as an military asset. While resignations often come in forms of letters to specific officers it is mandatory to be posted under the Resignation forums for all to know and mourn. 

Should members look to want a more heroic ending a character death can be issued by Commanding Officers with approval of the CINCONI: This is a death of your character written into the narrative of the Office of Naval Intelligence that is natural to the Halo universe. For this process scroll down to CHARACTER DEATH bolded. 

Members who are looking to decrease activity with the Office of Naval Intelligence due to commitments outside of Halo (Esports, School, Jobs, etc.) should look into an extended Leaves of Absence (LOA) to retain time invested into the UNSC uniformed branches served. 

Resignations voluntarily terminate your active duty orders and serving status to the United Nations Space Command. Resigned individuals are given the resigned overwriting and removing UNSC military branch tags but rank to remember how far he or she had progressed in the UNSC. A resignation cannot be denied to the writer however should the individual change his/her mind a resignation may be withdrawn with a formal request under the same thread. Other career opportunities are available in the private sector as a civilian contractor. It is encouraged that they criticize practices and decisions made to better ONI & the UNSC. This is your final official word to us, please make clear the errors you see and wrongdoing you have come across for introspection. 

Release From Active Duty abbreviated as REFRAD is a status given to individuals by command who are not on active duty orders and unfit to be given active duty orders. Its use case is inappropriate leave of absence or prelude to medical discharge. It can also be requested in the form of a resignation post with REFRAD noted in the title of the topic/subject thread. It is encouraged that if a REFRAD is needed to include a strong case for why. Examples for requested REFRAD are inactive superior officers leading to negligence of duty, inability to communicate or operations that are against personal morals/religion. We encourage you to speak up and out against things that you do not see or like in a constructive form. 

Character Deaths are another voluntary action to members that do not have a specific problem with the Office of Naval Intelligence they wish to disclose or a problem at all. The Office of Naval Intelligence may not have an open door policy for members to come and go but do understand that this community is not for everyone. Character Deaths are written in third person, as a memorandum in diary or by accompanying officers in his/her unit. It is encouraged to practice realism and for actions to be taken place in or from past operations. Character Deaths differ from Resignations and Release From Active Duty as it prevents the "dead" member from posting anything on the website. Accounts may also subsequently be locked to solidify the intent. 

If you wish to not be any part of the Office of Naval Intelligence request for your information and account to be deleted. 

Failure to Resign, REFRAD or Issue Character Death will result in a Away WithOut Leave (AWOL) Status. It is important for both parties that you make your intentions clear and for whatever reason cannot post notify others to post for you in your absence. 

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