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Death471 4/29/20

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He has moved onto different games and is over being in ONI. Even though he was not active towards the end the time, he showed a lot of commitment during his days on the MWL. Since he got the position he wanted as an NCO and second  in command he had no competition and drive to try anymore. School was a factor in his ability to be active but I have been keeping tabs on him and hes been online just playing R6 siege and set to offline mode.He was a good asset when he had competition like Ult, Jason, and Me at one point but now he's burned out and so lazy he does not even wanna put in his own resignation and asked me to do it. He can be a massive headache sometimes but he was still a valuable part of the MWL crew and but not so much the 34th.

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Why did you not write one yourself. Resignations are yours, a place to write what you want with no consequence or rhetoric 🤨


Anyways thank you for your service. I often reflect to a time I wanted something and finally achieved it, I had no motivation once I got what I wanted. When I was a Lieutenant, I was one of the only Lieutenant around and for a myriad of reasons I decided to do nothing in a span of 3 months. At the time the ranking system was more similar to the forum ranks in posting and attendance alone without achievements to have fun with others and do. My responsibilities was over a team of 6 people which I would create operations with no depth or value to ONI because I did not care. Those 6 agents eventually surpassed me in rank becoming Captain's in staff and then Lieutenant Commanders. Complacency is what keeps you at your rank. If you are no longer striving to do your best. In this highly competitive community, there are many people who would love your position. If you have been doing just enough to get by, you are already a target by those below you. You must continue to add value and meet and exceed expectations to keep your job and this is why you were demoted. 

Complacency can take many forms than what is defined. I hope you take this into the real world and learn something from ONI. 

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