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Modern Warfare Regiment?

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On 4/26/2020 at 5:30 PM, Alexander Reaves said:

I haven't been able to play much recently but Call of Duty has came so far its kind of cool to have a unit.

Maybe a unit name that meshes with the UN military or Insurrectionist timeline. Something not too heavy on the role play but puzzle pieced into ONI and can recruit from to at least the website for numbers if not Halo. 

I meant to really respond to this one but okay. I may try out Warzone.. although I do see and hear everywhere it is a large download. 

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20 minutes ago, Serin Osman said:

If someone else has a bigger regiment let's just make that the main one for ONI, I do not care so much for whatever names picked so long as it isn't heinous and hateful. 

I just invited random people I played with, lmao. I didn't expect for us to make a COD Division. I was thinking about removing some inactive people to make space, the max is 250.

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15 hours ago, ODST J Sechemet said:

It's really fun, using a mic and calling out/pinging is key.

I actually tried that the other night, and then proceeded to get run over by a truck. 

I played multiplayer last night and really enjoyed it.

- Shandy

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