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Intelligence Ranks


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"Soldiers can't be Spies" and so an twist on the old saying that there is no honor among thieves lives true in espionage. In Intelligence and clandestine activities at large, ONI employs personnel in a competitive ranking of who can post about verification of sources, validity of information and actionable clauses. Content/Posts measures all site posts and reporting schema (submission of reports) it is currently the best metric to measure the activity of the agent and underlying operations. 

No uniformed services merit matters, the roles and staffing for the UNSC at large in military operations bares no weight to intelligence operators solely under ONI in this space. The UNSC Navy, UNSC Marine Corps. UNSC Army, UNSC Air Force and Spartan Operations branches are separated entirely from this ranking system however share the base level position to show and maintain a hierarchy. 

One cannot speak truth to power, if power has no use for truth and so the below is a breakdown of the code. 





Serviceman 1                                           1                                             
Junior Attendant 2 8
Attendant 3 27
Senior Attendant 4 64
Junior Operative 5 125
Operative 6 216
Senior Operative 7 343
Junior Agent 8 512
Agent 9 729
Senior Agent 10 1000
Junior Field Agent 11 1331
Field Agent 12 1728
Senior Field Agent 13 2197
Chief Field Agent 14 2744
Junior Special Agent 15 3375
Special Agent 16 4096
Senior Special Agent 17 4913
Chief Special Agent 18 5832
Junior Supervisor 19 6859
Supervisor 20 8000
Senior Supervisor 21 9261
Chief Supervisor 22 10648
Chief of Staff 23 12167
Public Affairs Officer 24 13824
General Counsel 25 15625
Inspector General 26 17576
Deputy Executive Director 27 19683
Executive Director 28 21952
Deputy Director 29 24389
Director 30 27000
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