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Best of 5 with Hardcore settings 

Red Team: UNSC Invictus 

SOL Hayes, DEAD G3NESIS, UKz Benn0, and Zippy Frosting

Blue Team: ONI

M1: Countdown Slayer (ONI Pick)

Lost 38-50

M2: Zealot CTF

Lost 3-5

M3: Sanc CTF (ONI Pick)

Lost 0-3 

M4: Battle Canyon KOTH

Not Played

M5: Pit Slayer (ONI Pick)

Not Played

The goal was to establish good relations with another clan and practice being in a competitive environment.  

@B1ue Team Sucks @Jason L Lewis@Rin Amayu and Cavalier IV

I really want to thank @Drededangel for getting me in contact with Benn0 to be able to set this event up. getting people to join from the 34th should of been smoother. Jason is still terrible at slayer but shinned during the Zealot CTF when he focused on the flag and not being a slayer. Cav has good comp skills in slaying and map callouts but trys  to play it a little to safe in some moments. Rin was trying what she was given in the sense of she can not speak. That fist game could of gone a lot better. We were establishing callouts on the fly and did not have them already figured out. Jason kept saying that is his worst map but it got in his head to much. Zealot was interesting in the sense of we had a strong start capping at 3-0. Callouts were on point since that was the 3rd time running that map since of connection issues  and wrong game mode. we started slipping and got team wiped one to many times and lost. Last map was my bad and should of not been picked with the team I has going in. We got stuck in base most of the game and lacked power weapon control with even our own sniper. callouts were there but not enough. We had trouble with double shots and dealing with sniper. At the end of all of it Invictus was not toxic in anyway just good players hopefully we go up against them soon.

No Pictures but I did record the whole thing as a reflection on that event.


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Very nice report. To improve on communication id recommend btb or invasion between you and your entire unit might also allow you to have that smooth transition of getting people on a bit better if they're used to getting on for bigger training's.

In terms of map call outs for 4v4's its the kinda the same thing get on and keep playing games. But you can be more in depth with it and take your main team of people who want to play competitive onto maps through custom going around the map talking about call outs as it does show the names of each point int the map like Halo 5.

All and all its clear here you guys currently dont have alot of competitive experience but keep it up i enjoyed the  report, its also good to see you reaching out to other clans and setting up events like this.

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You gave TOT Squirtle an ego ? 

Nice scheduling a game though, it's hard to ask that much out of an enlisted nowadays that its commendable. I personally enjoy taking a loss to come back from because most clans if you beat them once they will not play you again, hopefully Invictus is open to scheduling more. I'm also surprised they used their top players but to take 3 flags and go 3-0 is impressive. Hayes and Benno have the worst connection so I'm surprised its Jason that's lagging out instead of either one of them. 

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