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UNSC Razor 10/08/2021

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Theater of operation 




Training (Basic and Fireteam)


Practice some accuracy training and teamwork


@Fire 2the Flame @RDML Ned Rich @DefineClutch710 @EggLad5834 @Archerlord @JayCeeTee2 @Agent Asirim @Megumin @LXV Brambles @StandoPowa5487 @Darth R3D @TakeoutSeven09 @Valentines


This was a very successful and very long training. The training lasted almost three hours, yes, a lot of time but a lot of knowledge was gained from this training. This training was hosted on a map that I made myself, which consisted of different zones of training, from shooting, to warthog driving, to sniper training, team on team training, then also mountain climbs. I began this training off giving Brambles an opportunity to lead, which he took the reins too very well. He was in charge of putting everyone through the courses of shooting. There were four sections everyone had to complete in this one, shooting cones off of pedestals, shooting plasma grenades off of pedestals, shooting just the red dot for landmines and accurately throwing both frag grenades and plasma grenades into specified targets, without missing and successfully blowing up the fusion coils inside. Agent over saw this part of the training to make sure that everyone respected Brambles being in charge. After this, Agent took over since he knew the map better than Brambles. Agent then brought everyone to Hemorrhage, where then he had multiple people work together to get through numerous obstacles, consisting of trees and rocks all throughout blood gulch. Agent had 2 snipers and 1 laser at the end of blood gulch - towards beach. The defending teams objective was too keep everyone else from making it to the end of the gulch. The attacking teams objective was to make it all the way to the beach successfully, whether they used the warthogs or they moved on foot, working as a team to successfully get as many of their men through to the end. They all ran this about 8 times, switching up defending and attacking teams. After this, Agent and I split off into different groups. I ran everyone through some sniper spotting training, which consisted of 17 targets all spaced out along Alaska and Montana. I started off with Brambles and moved through everyone, one by one. They were positioned on Crows nest and had one objective - to shoot all 17 targets (10 on Alaska and 7 on Montana) within 60 seconds. If anyone missed any targets, they had the option of trying again, or to have me show them what they missed and try again. Everyone went more than once and continued trying until they were successful. While I was doing this with individuals, Agent moved the rest of the team onto forge island, where he split everyone into two teams, some with power weapons, other with regular weapons like assault rifles or magnums. They ran through this training 3 times. As it took me some time to do my part of the training, Agent continued with his part of the training, moving people back into blood gulch, and working against each others in warthogs. One side was in a warthog, along with the other. The objective was to destroy the other team before they destroyed them. I ended this training working with Agent on the sniper spotting course. Overall, this training was way informational. I thank everyone who attended and stayed the whole time. I was very proud of everyone, with how they acted as a team and how no one argued with each other. 

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