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If you know what not to do, does that mean you know what to do?

CAPT N Reibach

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Reoccurring question, kind of like saying how common sense isn't so common at all. If you know what not to do, does that mean you know what to do? This is something that can fit to everything but has a variety of answers in different situations. For the more part keeping it relevant to the forums, lets talk about clans.

If a clan knows what not to do does that mean it essentially knows what to do to succeed? If you know not to drive on the wrong side of the road than do you know how to drive?

What are some thoughts on this, not that many people really use the website.

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As an instructor in real life this was actually something that got brought up. In terms of kayaking. I can teach people how not to climb into your kayak or how not to hold your paddle correctly. If i then left them to figure out how to get in but still not showing them 'how to' they will eventually figure it out although a lot longer or/and with bad habits e.g.

Bringing you kayak out ankle deep then put both legs either side and then sit into your kayak and then bring your legs in. (Correct way)

What they might do is take the kayak out too deep where they will struggle to get in or too close to shore where they cant actually get out into the water or lastly and the most likely fall into the water as they are unbalanced. 

The reason we teach people the "right" way too do things is so they wont pick up bad habits and that they will hopefully be able to develop upon the right way to more advance techniques or ideas. Basically it's our way to give people a short cut into developing new skills or current. 

Another thing that we teach is not to teach with a negative mind set like saying "don't" or thats the "wrong" way to do it as it is a negative outlook on things. What also happens then is that the kids or teens fixate on that and if they then do that "wrong" thing they get worried and may panic when in reality its ok to sometimes dot he wrong thing as long as they know afterwards that it was the best technique or path to take for whatever reason. 

Thats why there are things like two stars and a wish. Two things you thought went great and 1 thing you want to improve on (notice not what you did badly). I then also always make sure they say the positive stuff first as its always easier to think of something you done bad as we always fixate on that. 

I derailed a bit but i feel its all relevant to the topic in someway. In summary people can do the right thing eventually when only knowing about the wrong things to do but it will take a lot longer and they may develop with bad habits. 

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I would say no, just because people know what *not* to do doesn’t mean they know what is right, or I should say optimal. I, as many do, commute daily to work and the number of bone head drivers I see is astounding. And yet they’ve all got their licences. Not blind checking, no use of turn signals and distracted driving are all common. And yet they still drive. 

My own time running a clan I felt I knew what I was doing. In hindsight I would change a few things but I generally felt I had a good grasp on what was right. But perspective changes from those inside and organization to those outside and I’m sure many folks in my slice of the halo community probably thought I was terrible. 

I do believe people will automatically understand between right and wrong but there are degrees of “right” that some follow. That said I do believe people can know what’s wrong and still fail to be 100% right.

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