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So I started playing Halo sometime in 2008, I was apart of Girl Tribe Gaming's gaming community before they became much more of a podcast like they are now. Sometime in 2011 I started playing Halo: Reach hating the idea of sprint and putting the game down. Inevitably picking it back up again when other games back in the day didn't excite me. I remember faintly finishing the Halo: Reach campaign and than immediately after being invited to a custom games lobby. It was a KSI Global custom games lobby where almost immediately I was inducted into their clan.

I ended up staying for a good 6 months, I liked bigger gaming communities that focused on numbers and having something to do every night. So when things got slower I immediately left to Die Hard Gaming (DHG), United Extreme Gaming (UEG) and Xiled Gaming Network (XGN) spending roughly 6 months of my time in each in that order. Always cutting off ties with those before and pissing them off. I liked the idea of being poached because it goes to show just how bad the host clan is and I would parade this down the streets of Halo: Reach and coming Halo 4. My main gamer tag is still on the blacklist for these communities today. In 2011, DHG's website was compromised and it redirected to ONI's website. I started asking around and found nothing about it, just rumors of hacker groups and DHG loosing its initial site. This was the first time I heard of ONI which was operating much more as a reclusive aggressive intelligent vigilante clan than it is vigilans today. From what I remember of the time some of DHG joined ONI or other clans ONI had puppet leadership over but we never declared war or anything because no one really knew what ONI was to begin with. It was all just rumors so. (Fun Fact: Semper-Vigilantes.enjin.com or .webs.com was the previous website)

During my time in UEG I met some military clans like the Department of Defense led by SOCOM 3rd Group and a few other ones that we recruited. UEG was sort of twisted in a way that most of us knew that these roleplaying players were not so great at the game. So our 3rd string players would play the Spartan-IIs of the UNSC UEG and beat them and every time we played them we took half of their members. Sometimes people even called United Extreme Gaming, Unified Earth Government just because we can and no one could stop us. UEG got boring though, more drama and I was kicked out for tea-bagging. Within UEG I got to know NFA Hanson, a civilian advisor and previous commander in ONI and whenever I was in his parties sometimes he would kick me out randomly at night because he said he had important things to discuss that I could not hear. Inevitably, I believe its still classified to this day but UEG lost around 1,500 gamers over night because of something NFA Hanson did. I am sure Raptor had something to do with this too but he did not report directly to NFA Hanson but instead Shawn4Japan (Fun Fact: NFA Hanson and the Northfire Gaming basically taught Shawn4Japan how to run a community. Hanson also was the trial run for how the Civilian system are set up today as he was a 6 figure salary military contractor for the U.S. Government. So very credible. Very knowledgable.)

Joined XGN because everyone had XGN in front of their gamertags and it was a little slow at the beginning. I had moved to Yokota Air Force Base, in Japan and attended a International School with people who played PlayStation. Of course outside of clans, which was the only thing that kept me on the Xbox platform I played the Wii religiously and all the Nintendo games too. When I would make attempts at getting online to play with XGN they would put me with the Australian division and I would be ostracized because of my American accent but also the more popular girls didn't like me even though they really did not know me. I eventually left XGN attempting to take a branch with me to start my own clan on Halo 4. I could never execute it properly though because every time I did someone would call me bossy and than leave with members who did not like how I was a girl in power. After this little episode I joined PMS/H2O Clan and that was one of the worst decisions of my life. PMS Clan was like an all girl gaming group similar to Girl Tribe Gaming but with 10x more drama and it was almost home for a little while. While matchmaking In Team Swat one day on Halo: Reach I came across an ODST team, that beat us 5 games in a row before we backed out and started matching again. This team is actually apart of ONI 19th Shock Troops Battalion if I recall correctly but I didn't actually know that at the time. What I did know is that on Halo: Reach they're was strong animosity against Sangheili clans. This kind of practice of prejudice was fascinating so I joined ONI through some other UNSC clan called StratWarCom whom which were under an active investigation and caught the eyes of ADM S Osman because I like to stir fights with Sangheili groups of that time.

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