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Captain Noah

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Met Shawn4Japan, some time ago in 2012 but possibly earlier than that. I knew Shawn and we played Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 together through a mutual friend Daniel Martinez, I am a US military veteran living in Baltimore, Maryland now with a wife and two kids. My actual name is Noah and I am currently a government contractor, that is all I can share about myself to date.

I started playing Halo with some of my buddies in the Marine Corps. I was in, it was a great and popular arena shooter game and our unit had some Xboxes in the barracks to play.


I met Shawn4Japan on a military base in Okinawa, Japan in a Halo tournament and he invited me to this clan and running teams for matchmaking. I agreed and its kind of all been history since. I lead more teams into Big team battle dominating clans and creating a name for our ODST's and Marines. When I joined the only other people in the clan spoke more Japanese than english and it was before we merged into Whitehawk's original ONI from Halo 2. Whitehawk was a cool guy, didn't really care too much it seemed like but had good things to say. I think that he knew the potential for ONI but was gunning for something more similar to the other Bungie.net groups and forum powers back then. Those groups are all gone now but ONI's still around so someone was right in the direction we went and we made it out. This is the 3rd website, but the first that I'll get to do this on so it is an exciting opportunity and I again thank you guys for giving me just that. I rarely get to get online and interact with most now, I still have a bad temper and can't understand newer generations gimmicks so don't want no part of it. But as an officer and leader I understand my place and what it means here in ONI and that's why I take it seriously @ADM S Osman


1 day in Shawn sets me up in uniform, I am greeted by Nate, Greety, Salavager and R333I in a fire team with September company, funny enough its the anniversary pf September company in ONI Signal Corps. there was really nothing else in the clan outside of September company which I guess Shawn just named after the month it was made. It was us, an Australian fire team, the first foxtrot and we would play Big Team Battle to days in, I recruited a couple of people here and there some stayed some left. I slowly moved up the ranks, which back then was just recruiting people and showing up for things I think. It was super simple, and a reversion to that instead of going after these fancy achievements and ranked numbers might be better for us. We were moving forward, holding the line against whatevers out there and we would find it.

The first clan we met, was DABIGESTBOB's Sith star wars clan. Now I like star wars and the shit they were doing in custom games was hilarious. At this point we weren't so heavily into the role playing but I really wanted to be so I took inspiration from the maps he made and other maps I've seen to start forging marine camps. I don't remember what sparked the conflict but Shawn hated anyone that was recruiting on Bungie.net so we got into a fight with that clan, we decided to meet them in game instead of text and we were defeated the first time around since our best big team battle team wasn't available at the hour. It was me and a couple of others from foxtrot, echo and bravo. We put up a good fight I remember going in on a series of games, not MLG by the way on Halo: Reach. This made Shawn rage and we lost our lieutenant, I remember clearly how funny that was that so much pressure was put into the game. We put a team together and beat them this time in the 4v4s so it wasn't super crazy but after we hit 1:1 with the clan, DABIGESTBOB pulled one over our heads and told everyone how we were disrespectful, or not honorable and made up a bunch of stuff that convinced some members to leave. I didn't leave because I was in the game where we did beat them and at the time we were strict on tea bagging and other unsportmanship like conduct. I think we ended up consulting the Ruins clan to help us fight Dabigestbob through Ruins clan by joining them and putting on their uniforms we scheduled and played them, beat them again in a 4v4 Slayer Pro and another 8v8 DMR Slayer.

That would be the first time we got into the intelligence business and research what it could mean before anything else was made. Proxy warring and battles ended up becoming my forte, but espionage and taking down clans we didn't like became a thing too. It started with Ruins clan, which we decided to see what we can do. The clan was already in its second iteration and weaker, with limited staff so very easily we climbed up to high ranks to just end the clan again in a coupe. It was epic at the time but looking back it was a waste of time to do anything than play the game how its intended to be played. Kind of my breaking point after that, I started to play way more Call of Duty and got distant with the first members I met. Nate had to PCS so left to Wyoming than we never heard from him again, Greety left join a grunt clan and I'm not sure what happened with that. Salavager played Halo 3 more than Halo: Reach so never really heard from him but I do miss playing Gears of war horde mode with the original squad.


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On 9/8/2021 at 5:35 PM, ADM S Osman said:

Mine has been in drafts for a very long time now.

Is there a close date for when you&ll hide these forums? I don't expect this to be public for all members to look up and read, I would prefer it just be rising leaders.

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