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King Nicck Documentation on Halo Clans from 2014

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Clans. They have been around since Halo 2, but they aren't as official as they once were. There is no menu, or a list of gamer tags. Clans still exist though, and even when Halo is pretty much dead at this point, the clan community is still active. I "joined" the clan community around late spring/early summer last year and have been writing down common ideology and ideas that the clan community has. If anyone is in a "clan" I'm sorry if I some how offended you, as this is all factual information. Most of this information was written late at night, and the paragraphs were not written in one sitting. If anything confuses you or if you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll answer them to the best of my ability. Its not that long of a read, and some of these things are still actively happening, so I may update this sometime in the future. 


Halo Reach Clans

General information and Vocabulary:
Most common clans:
UNSC Clan- a clan that is based on the UNSC ranking and branch structure (such as marines, ODSTs, Spartan IIs and Spartan IIIs).

Military Clan- a clan that is based on the real world US Army's (or in some cases, Soviet Russia's army) ranking system and branches (army, marines, air force, navy)

Sangheili clan- a clan that is based on the Covenant Elite ranking structure (elite minor, major, officer, spec ops, ultra, general, zealot, field Marshall, fleet master)
Elite clan subcategories- Separatists(elites that broke away from the covenant, allowed to use human weapons and equipment, leader is usually a fleet master, zealot or field Marshall) Loyalists(elites that are loyal to the covenant, for the most part not allowed to use human weapons, usually lead by a "prophet")

Mixed species clan- although rare, some 12 year children do advertise their "mixed species" clan on the most downloaded screenshots, I have not seen any of these clans in battles or raids though.
Insurrectionists based clans- they are based on the rebels from the Halo story, so they just shoot at pretty much everything.

Ninja Clan- This is the strangest clan I have ever seen. They play assassination tower all day (a map and gametype were it is assassinations only, 100 points to win, 10 rounds) and just try to Ninja you in matchmaking. I'm serious, they will jump at you and spin around. Service tags include NNJA, ASSN, and MEX.
Common clan vocabulary and ideology:
Raid- a FFA game were one clan attacks another clan on a "base" map or "raidable piece." The first clan that leaves loses. One clan defends said base while the other attacks. The respawn points are close together, and are all neutral, so when the defending team dies you have to get back to the base. This obviously leads to spawn killing, and most of the time a raid is not fair at all. (The map is a bridge made out of colosseum walls with zero cover, and you only spawn with ARs, while the defending team has Gauss hogs, scropions, and snipers at the end of the bridge).

Crouch laps- A practice (usually a punishment) in which you must keep your thumb on the crouch thumb stick and do laps around parts of the map or a designated course (in Reach, when shot with toggle crouch on you automatically stand back up, you are usually punished if you are found out to have toggle crouch on)

ROE(Rules of Engagement)- When it comes to raids and battles, most clans have an ROE set. Most clans try to force their ROE onto other people, and declare raid and clan battle "wins" through their ROE. (EX: "Supertacoboy1999 teabagged me when he got a double kill with a rocket launcher and according to my ROE if any hostiles teabag my clan I win")

Assassinations: Assassinations are generally a form of disrespecting and publicly humiliating people (if you ever get on Reach, you can play the assassination drinking game. Every time you see a picture of someone getting assassinated on the most downloaded, take a shot. I'm not paying your hospital bill). Some kids literally will flip out, cry, scream, and rage when they get assassinated (I'm serious). There have been many elaborate plans to assassinate people, my personal favorite was when I was in a clan meeting and some clan's leader got assassinated by a guy who was waiting in a vent above said leader's designated "seating position", hidden behind a capture plate.

Introduction: I have two accounts, one in a UNSC clan and one in an Elite clan. I also used my main account (KingNick220/Yes I am Based) to do somethings with clan kids. I will start from the beginning of my time in Reach clans, which happens to start with the UNSC clan.

UNSC Clan Documentation:
Part 1: Feverishcone501, the best UNSC marine that ever lived.
    I'm not sure if you guys remember (I think it was posted here, might have been on THC) that video that was posted of "Halo 4 clan training". It showed a bunch of kids getting in straight lines, and doing sniper practice. I am in a high leader position in one of those clans. You know how you get that message after a matchmaking game that asks you "Hey, do you want to join my clan?" Have you ever accepted that message either as a joke or out of general curiosity? How far have you gone into said clan? What happens when you go so deep that you actually make a name for yourself in the clan community? It all started on a day around March of this year. I was really bored and fed up with Halo 4, and would only get on Halo 4 to play with friends. I started to play Reach again, and I'm not actually sure how, but I some how got into a lobby with one of the biggest UNSC clans out there, Navcom. Some 12 year old little boy said "hey KingNick (which was my oldd gamertag at the time) do you want to join a clan?" Me and my friends would always join clans as a joke, but this lasted for at max a few days. I decided I wanted to see how far I could get in the clan community, and joining a big clan is a good start. I asked if I could make a new account, since I didn't have enough space on my friends list (which was true for the most part, but I did want to separate myself for the most part, just in case I bumped into any of the older clan kids that would label me as a troll). The guy said yea, so I went off to make a new account. There was this glitch with xbox.com that would allow you to get continuous free gold every month (its patched now), so I went off to do that as well. After I registered my account, XBL gives you some random tag that you can change for free.The gamertag that I got was "FeverishCone501." I decided to keep this tag, as it made me look like a nobody, plus if I get a good rank in the clan, I could change my gamertag to a story character for free (which I did). I switched accounts and sent the marine leader a message, and I started as a marine recruit in Navcom. I joined when they were setting up a practice raid, so they dived us up into two teams. The game was filled with marines, a handful of ODSTs, and few Spartan IIs. To determine who got to defend the base, they said two people from each team would 1v1 from it. Now remember, this is the vanilla Reach gametype, and we fought in that big cave that connects Blood Gulch to that Island on Forge World, so it was really stupid. All of a sudden the 12 year old that recruits me screams out "feverishcone is good at 1v1s!" I literally just met this kid like 10 minutes ago, and he is volunteering me for these things already. So I was put up against a Spartan II, which are supposed to be the best players in the clan. We met face to face in middle of the cave, and some one threw a grenade in the middle of us to start that battle. It was first to 3, so I killed him by jumping back and DMRing him after the grenade exploded. I then spawn 5sk'd him 2 times. When the "1v1" was over, everyone was amazed. Some random marine recruit just beat one of the best players in the clan. An ODST came up to me, shook his head up and down while he talked and said "You just beat an SII, I have respect for you son!" I shut off my microphone and died laughing. We did the practice raid on the defensive side, which mainly consisted of me DMRing people as they ran through Blood Gulch to an overpowered base loaded with power weapons and vehicles. After the practice raid, it turned out the 12 year old kid was a marine drill instructor, so he ran me through boot camp very quickly. Boot camp consisted of a bunch of stupid obstacle courses and shooting traffic cones at a firing range. I put on my armor, and was now a full fledged marine.

     For the most part, it was pretty boring, it really consisted of boot camps and trainings, so I'll skip most of that. Although some of the trainings we did included scenario training (protect the VIP, convoy escorting e.t.c) and weapon skills (shooting at fusion coils and traffic cones). I quickly became acquainted with the clan, which I'm assuming had to do with my skill level (for the record, most of these kids are really young and not good at Halo, so anyone who has relatively any skill impresses them, I'm not even that good at Halo TBH). I was the most popular marine. I was always invited to play with the ODSTs and Spartan IIs, and I was always in raids. One of the main problems was that the marines (as a whole) feel they weren't being included. I was pretty much the only marine ever in raids, as they put the better players in first (ODSTs and Spartan IIs). Eventually, the Spartan IIs were going to start recruiting again, and I knew this, so I decided to stick around. I only got promoted once in the marines, so I wasn't that high of a rank. About a month and a few weeks after I joined the clan, I was talking to my marine buddies and someone asked if I got a message from Fred (the lead Spartan II at the time). I told him I had no idea what he was talking about, so he told me that he was chosen to become a Spartan II. I got a message from that Spartan II that I beat in that 1v1 practice raid (Jai), and he told me he was trying to get me in as a conscript, but other Spartans said I wasn't active enough with the clan. I'm still not sure exactly what happened, but I ended up getting accepted anyway. Now that I was out of the marines, I kind of dissociated my self with them a little bit. Training for the Spartans started, and there was 6 of us originally. Only 3 made it through the training, and I of course was one of them. One of the training "operations" was challenging people to 1v1s, raids, and battles. After you got 30 points (1 point for wining a 1v1, 2 points for wining a raid or clan battle), you moved onto the last segment. I obviously did good at this, from my understanding the highest skilled players in the clan community are the kids who hold the objective in BTB and farm XxXWaffleboyXxX and his 3 guests for their K/D ratios. As I was going through all this, the clan was falling apart. I kept my mouth shut for the most part, because I really didn't talk much anyway and plus I was new so I really didn't have a say in things.

    The marine leader was doing really stupid things (making his own "military police branch" that protected him and him only, spawn killing in raids, and just being generally stupid). So the marine leader said that his marines were so good that they could beat the Spartan IIs and the ODSTs in a raid. This started the actual conflict between us, and we ended up wining that raid anyway. The Spartan IIs and ODSTs had a meeting, and decided to leave Navcom, and form their own clan. This left the marines as the only branch in Navcom, which than was disbanded. We took some of the ex-marines into the ODSTs, but for the most part we agreed to kick all the stupid people out. We eventually took the name back, and I still went through training while all of this happened. Before I could graduate though, the leader of the clan and the Spartan IIs left. General leader was handed over to another person, who then lead the new Spartan III class. The Spartan IIs were lead by Jerome, and he and Jai finished my training. Training for the Spartan IIs lasted 3-4 months, and felt rushed at the end because of the split + the leader leaving. I graduated as Mike S120 II, a Spartan II of Grey team.

Part 2: Mike Spartan II
    So, I ended up using that free name change, and made my name Mike S120 II. I put on my new emblem and armor, and I got tons of "congratulations" messages from the rest of the clan. People looked up to me, and said I was probably the best Spartan in the community. I ran into a guy who thought he was literally the greatest Halo player alive. He had like a 19.0 K/d (which was boosted from him and his friend's guests in griffball) and said that he could beat anyone in 1v1s. My clan got me into a lobby with this guy and forced me to play him. He loaded up some map called "Sniper 1v1." I asked him if was putting on like MLG or something. He said that MLG "bores him and takes no skill." I said OK, can we play like Asylum or something? He replied with that Bungie maps also bore him since he has played them so many times, and that he would beat me on them so it was a waste of time. I know this guy was stupid, so I let him start the game. This map was literally the worst thing I even seen. It was like boarding action, but with a million pieces of cover, and no way to get to the other side. This guy literally fine tuned the cover pieces so he could head glitch so perfectly that he could shoot you and you could only see a fraction of the top of his skull. I had a feeling this guy was going to do something like that, so I just kind of hid on a ramp. I waited for this guy to body shot me, than I elevated my self on the ramp, jumped and shot down into his face and killed him. I hid for a little bit, and peaked out and saw him standing still looking for me, so I sniped him again. He obviously never lost before on his own horrible maps, so he started to tea bag up and down and said he wasn't trying. He ended the game and kicked me, and sent me hate mail for the next 4 hours. I had received a total of 74 text messages from him (these weren't like sentences, they were like full blown paragraphs).

    I started to notice a pattern here, and I think for the most part can be applied to a lot of clans. The leader is usually a really old guy, who is really hungry for power for some reason. He bosses around a bunch of 8-16 year olds in a clan based system, and everyone is lower than him. On the other hand, there are clans led by little kids but you don't see any adults in them. Anyway, for the most part things ran pretty smoothly, I got on once in a while to do raids, clan battles, and respond to messages from other clans. I became pretty well known in the overall community (and still am). People started asking me to be their mentor, and teach them how to play halo. A lot of people changed their names to variations of Mike S120 II (Mike S12O II, Mike 120 SII, 12O Mike e.t.c) and some actually copied my armor 100% (which is pretty creepy considering the Spartan Mike was only mentioned in the books, so the armor configuration I have was something I completely made up). I ended up 1v1ing a lot of people, running into "Reach kids" (They are like Halo 3 kids, but Reach instead, pretty crazy huh?). The longest raid I was ever in was for 9 hours (This wasn't 9 hours of me sitting on my ass, I took a shower and ate two meals, text'd friends, but just went AFC during it), but the longest raid ever that someone told me was 5 full days (they said they saved the film clip, its about 30 gigs).

     I'm still active in the UNSC community, and I am the current leader of the Spartan IIs in Navcom. I still participate in clan battles, and usually end up carrying pretty hard. One of the more recent ones included a clan kid getting the "best BTB team on reach" to help him in his 8v8 against us. Knowing that these kids just use vehicles all day, I told them to load up slayer on boardwalk. A bunch of people with boosted k/ds lost to a bunch of negative clan kids. Most of the BTB kids quit the lobby as soon as the game ended, I guess out of embarrassment. This got me even more fame in the clan community, and some one told me I was a "tactical genius" for forcing a BTB game without vehicles. Some interesting information to note: When I asked a few people in different clans and in Navcom why they weren't playing Halo 4, they said 343 made Halo 4 to be competitive. Now for some reason, this seems to be a general consensus of the clan community. If you ask why Halo 4 is to competitive, you will get get different answers. My favorite one had to be "Halo 4 removed all aim assist, so its really skillful to play."

Part 2.5: My main account
    One day, I was alone in a lobby with Jai, and he said he wanted to join a lobby full of Spartans from other clans. (The general Idea is that Navcom Spartan IIs are the "real" Spartan IIs, and everyone else is copying us). So I told him I would switch accounts and mess around with them. So I got on my main account (which at the time was KingNick220) and joined the lobby with Jai. A guy named Arthur 079 SII was in there with his clan and a few others, and asked what me and Jai were doing here. Jai started talking about random stuff, and I quickly copied their exact emblem and armor. I somehow blended in, and Jai got off for the night. It took like 20 minutes for someone to say "Hey who is KingNick?" While this was going on Arthur was in party chat, and after he got out, he said "Guys I found a raid!" All of a sudden we were queued to join a game, and everyone starting scream "Kick kingnick he is not with us!" Well, it was a little late for that as we joined the game anyway. We spawned on the island, surrounded by 3 Gauss hogs. The second I spawned I sprinted towards the right, towards that little land bridge that connects the coastline to the island, and climbed up the rocks on the coast to get behind the Gauss hog. I back smacked the kid on the Gauss hog, and he dropped a sniper. The kid started screaming "Alert, I have been killed! Hostile has a sniper!" All of a sudden a falcon comes and does like a drive by on me and makes me absolute. I sprint around to get to cover behind the rocks, and the kid that I back smack respawned and started to AR at me, I turn around and blained him. I sprinted towards the middle of the Island, and I sniped the other gunners out of their Gauss hogs. The people who joined the game with me start to take the Gauss hogs and push the base.

     I started to head towards the base at the end of Blood Gulch, but they had a tank behind a one way shield door towards the end of the cave that connects the Island to Blood Gulch. The way this shield door was set up was so we couldn't get vehicles through, but vehicles can leave the base. There was a teleporter frame as an infantry only door, so I crouched and started spamming sniper at it through the tank. The tank couldn't hit me, so the driver did the most logical thing. Get out of the tank, and walk in a straight lines towards the door with his shotgun out. I quickly sniped him, and ran through. The people in the enemy clan started to panic and scream, and I climbed up to Alaska (the cliff above the cave) and started to spawn snipe some people. I got kicked along with the rest of the people, and was spammed with messages. The Arthur guy told me that "I could keep my armor and emblem on, because I was a real Spartan." He said that was "the most skillful raid win he has ever seen." I told the guy I was already a Spartan II in Navcom, and was just joking around.This guy worshiped me, and payed me Microsoft points multiple times to win 1v1s (he gave me his account and told me to 1v1 people on it saying it was him) and clan battles for him. Apparently I talked trash behind his back and he removed me because he thought "I was his friend." This Arthur guy turned out to be an infamous guy by the name of UN director. The UN was a clan that was notorious for spawn killing in raids and being bad.

Part 3: Elites
    After I graduated, thing started to slow down a little bit. A lot of people were afraid to fight Navcom, so I thought what If I took my screw around Halo 4 account (Oo I out Br oO) and started to fight them myself. It was perfect, I was like a rank 40 on my Halo 4 account and told people numerous times in Navcom that I hated Halo 4. Why would I play it so much If I hated it? My little sister who enjoys trolling instagram girls (she is like 11 BTW) said she wanted to help me with this clan stuff. I told her that I would challenge everyone in Navcom to 1v1s, and put her on the the microphone. I told her say things such as "get out br'd nerd" and "get dumped on scrub." These kids were raging as they were getting beat by what they though was like a 10 year old boy. I put these films on my fileshare, and they somehow got to most downloaded films and clips. I thought well that was funny, and really never went on the account that often.

    A few days later some kid told me he wanted to 1v1 me because he said his clan was looking for skilled players. I said whatever and when I spawned on Sanctuary, I was facing my back objective wall. I jumped and spun around, and killed the guy. Turns out the map has one spawn point, so I spawn killed him until the game ended. I asked him what just happened. He told me he was a "paid assassin whose clan leader was looking to get" and I quote this "street creds with Navcom." A few days after this I got a message from an elite clan saying that "You made a name for yourself in the community, and we are looking for good players." I thought this was another stupid attempt to assassinate me, so I joined anyway. I joined a lobby with a bunch of other people, and told to put on the elite minor uniform. I obliged, and the game started on a covenant ship crudely made out of forge pieces. We were told to get up in a line, and do some stupid footing things (about face, left face, right face e.t.c). We were also given the rules of the clan. "You are not allowed, EVER to use any human guns, or you will be branded a heretic and removed from the clan without honor." So of course, one day while we are playing matchmaking in BTB (you have to use melee until you find covenant equipment, yes I'm serious) I had a needle rifle on Boneyard. I killed someone on the enemy team with rockets, and I forgot I couldn't pick them up. The Leader saw the kill feed and an explosion and said "ARE YOU USING HUMAN WEAPONS??? HERITTIC ALL UNITS HUNT I OUT BR DOWN!" I sat in the refinery for the entire game killing my own team and people on the other team until I was betrayal booted.

    While we are on the topic of my gamertag, Oo I out Br oO is a satire gamertag, which for some reason, a lot of people have trouble pronouncing. Some of my favorites are "Oooo I out Bro" "O...O o I out DMR ooOo" "Ooo B..R OoO." I joined another elite clan recently (BTF, a clan that focuses on BTB) it is supposedly the best 8v8 team in the community. All I hear though is people bragging about how many wraith kills they have, and how positive they went against a bunch of bad kids. The funny thing is all these teams started recently. I never saw any of these teams around when reach was active. The clan recently went into "inactive mode." I'm not well known in the elite community, but I did join raids with elites in other clans in and spawn kill some of my own Navcom guys. This clan allows human weapons though, so at least I can't be "branded a heretic" right?


What if someone in the clan community reads this?
Well to be honest, I really don't care if "my cover is blown." I saw someone with beyondentertainment.com on his profile (no that wasn't a mistake on my part, he actually had the wrong website as his motto).The community is really dumb and full with kids who talk trash. (Do you know how funny it is when 12 year old negative 10,000 kids start saying words like "BK" and "random"?). I will most likely be kicked out of my position, so it was a good ride for the most part. 

[ https://teambeyond.net/forum/topic/4689-haloreach-clans-documentation-and-research-on-halo-clans/ ]

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