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Bots at different levels


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I've yet to play a game where the bots have broken 20 kills. It's a rough game when they break 10 or 15. The thing is they're not bad when it comes to dueling and they've got insane reactions speeds, but... they're a disorganized mob. They've no concept of map control or positioning, and if you're good at both you can force them into engagements where they're at a severe disadvantage. And bots being bots they have no sense of self preservation and will happily throw themselves into the meat grinder if it means getting a shot at the player. Nor do they seem to understand the purpose of suppressive fire as they immediately stop shooting once you break line of sight.To be completely honest I'm not enjoying the Preview for the bots. It just feels good to be back. But frankly I'm more hyped about what this implies for the campaign AI since that's been in dire need of a rework since Halo 4, and Campaign scenarios provide a sense of purpose and focus that the multiplayer bots currently don't have.

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