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Halo a team based game, so why are you solo queuing?


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After having the chance to talk to APG I've been thinking of ways to better myself and those around me, and one of the most important things is making sure you're playing with a team, as a team.

But how many of you are actually playing with a team?

I get on and only leaders pulling people together to play, most of us are just playing the game if even that.

So if you get on 5 times a week how often are you actually in a team, fully or pairs.

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For my own sake, halo is just a better game when teamed up with folds. Regardless if it’s being taken seriously or just for fun. I do solo queue when no one happens to be around or if I’m on a limited time frame. If I was to put a number to it, if I played 5 times a week (which varies greatly) I’d say 4/5 I’m teamed up with at least one other person.

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