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18 minutes ago, WulfeBear said:

So, this was discussed in the Razor channel about some sort of database for map callouts. Please feel free to move this if it should go some place else.

Anyway, it was discussed that they should be posted for debate on changing the callouts etc...For anyone who is wondering "what's the big deal, why should I know or even learn callouts?" or "why should we have universal callouts?" The answer is simple...effective communication wins battles. It doesn't really matter if you are playing a team that's better than your team, if you have effective communication, you can at least make life hard on them. This isn't just a "well I'm not a competitive player, I shouldn't have to learn this." Everyone who plays matchmaking with anyone else in the clan, should be able to use callouts (forgive me if I'm saying stuff that everyone already knows). "They're over there" isn't effective or even helpful, just in general...Plus, why put in all the work to pop someones shield, get them right to the point of death and not be able to least get the satisfaction of at least getting an assist...?

I agree with everything you have said above but I think you need to stop with your defensive stance in your recommendations/discussions  @WulfeBear . All of the marines and navy learn call outs and enjoy improving. We are not going to debate with you if you are generally being helpful but assuming that we will act a certain way is premature. 

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