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Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Volunteer [PENDING REVIEW]


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  • Candidate Name
  • Candidates Commanding Officer
  • What is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper?
    How literal does this reply need to be?
  • What do you hope to achieve in becoming an ODST?
    A team, I've been an ODST more times than everyone here, guaranteed.
  • Where did you first hear about the 105th Drop Shock Division?
    Was a member of the 105th ODST Division back in Halo 3 that was led by Dunbar. Which eventually went on to become the first iteration of NavCom.
  • Have you finished the Halo 3: ODST Campaign?
  • What kind of operations are you expecting to be assigned?
    Can do any and all, just prefer a bit more freedom to do it.
  • What Role/Operations fit you best?
    Direct Action (DA): Combat, Raid Offense/Defense
  • Describe your personality in one sentence
    Straight to the point, highly logical. Don't put up with people's nonsense.
  • What is a Raid?
    2 clans war over a base, although the terms of the conflict can vary widely.
  • How many Raids have you been in?
  • How many After Action Reports have you submitted?
  • Three Greatest Strengths
  • Three Greatest Weaknesses
    Got a built in rage
    Care more about results than the method
    Value personality over rankings
  • What is your usual weekly availability/schedule?
    On most days
  • What games can you get on?
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Would you like to recommend others?
  • Are you willing to change your Xbox Live gamer tag?
  • Do you understand the Rules of Engagements (ROE)
  • Do you understand the commitment to activity?
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8 hours ago, Harry Cramb said:

yeh he left back in January im sure  

I found his discord join/leave record, but nothing on the site regarding his status he's even got an account here from then @x2Palex knowing Dunbar I do have questions. Dunbar founded the original UNSC clan and gave me the original Navcom/Navspecwar John 117 SII gamer tag. He's a face no one could pass up especially since its forgotten history, since well. Clan history doesn't really matter hah.

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