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  • Candidate Name
  • Current Assignment or Unit
    UNSC Razor, Fireteam Kilo
  • Candidates Commanding Officer
    Harry Cramb
  • What is an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper?
    The special forces of the UNSC
  • What do you hope to achieve in becoming an ODST?
    Better skills overall and teaching them to others
  • Where did you first hear about the 105th Drop Shock Division?
    When i joined back and saw and ODST
  • Have you finished the Halo 3: ODST Campaign?
  • What kind of operations are you expecting to be assigned?
    Everything and anything
  • What Role/Operations fit you best?
    Direct Action (DA): Combat, Raid Offense/Defense
  • Describe your personality in one sentence
    My personality is normal for an FTL which is a little bit of everything (except the bad stuff) i work hard, I lead my team/take matters into my own hands if no one wants to be a leader and overall a friendly person to be with.
  • What is a Raid?
    A raid is a defence/offense game where you hold the fort (if your are defending) and attack if you are (obviously) attacking
  • How many Raids have you been in?
  • How many After Action Reports have you submitted?
  • Three Greatest Strengths
    Rocket launcher, communication, leadership skills
  • Three Greatest Weaknesses
    Getting distracted in games, using armour lock as an invincibility for a couple of seconds then dying immediately, running straight into battle without anyone backing me up
  • What is your usual weekly availability/schedule?
    Every afternoon (UK time and every weekend)
  • What games can you get on?
    Halo: The Master Chief Collection
  • Would you like to recommend others?
    Probably if they dont know about it
  • Are you willing to change your Xbox Live gamer tag?
  • Do you understand the Rules of Engagements (ROE)
  • Do you understand the commitment to activity?
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You can approve this one, I thinks its better for the unit building ground up with enlisted like HellzJanitor174

If you keep having breakdowns, hounding Shawn4Japan or act out of your character it'll be held against you @HellzJanitor174 remember that.

Word travels, chats are visible to some of us but if you're going through something its better to put down your controller than put it on your unit and stress other people out. Any misunderstandings should be cleared up quick.

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