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High level overview of Role-Playing Mission

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Following the Spartan Programs thread, I decided to type out the rest of the clan and its function to the overall theater. I'll dissect this and provide a high level explanation for readers but also to understand it in a more relevant way. I don't know what else to call this than "mission" but open to any suggestions on that.

ONI is a UNSC clan, UNSC clans are differentiated because of the naming convention and they have more than 3 special forces unit. These clans are usually role playing some aspect of the UNSC but do so expressively through there special forces.

This is usually the SIIs,  SIIIs, SIVs and ODSTs that make UNSC clans 'UNSC' and apart from military clans. Military clans do not have an excess of special forces, this is typically the crutch of most UNSC clans, as having too many special forces from conventional forces dilutes the actual value of the clan to its members forcing an exodus or power struggle. In ONI we've avoided it by giving each special forces unit a purpose, extrapolating from play styles to niche trends in the Halo community. There are also countermeasures by weighting the special forces laterally across all units in what they do by tiering.

With this understood, I'll stop talking about the overall observation of the community and more so the internal workings.

UNSC Marine
Role playing Halo, Raids, Team Tactical & Theater Renactment. team building entry level experience into a role playing clan. Explicitly to build comradely and facilitate organization in the Marine Corps. spirit. Marines are the core of the clan in a deeper connection between players to perform the best between each other and all else.

Hardcore Role playing, prioritized team for Raids with other clans. In 8 or more, this is the go-to players for a team in Raids. Less a mission, status or title than it is a privilege to show excellence of Marine fundamentals.


Social Halo players interested in achievement hunting, custom games, matchmaking, firefight, etc. understanding that solo queuing BTB isn't the easiest thing to do and going in with a team will always make challenges easier. With more casual implication to joining up with others to have fun. Navy is the core to what all clans are, groups of people banding together to win games.

Expanse on Achievement Hunting, Gamerscore/Game Completion and overall community.

Expanse on Hidden League Gaming, Glitches in Halo and trick shots/jumps.

Expanse on Competitive Halo, Prioritized team for 4v4s with other clans.


I've come to understand over the years its strange to draw these definitive lines for what is what, but its absolutely necessary to execute ONI as its standalone 50 unconventional units and divisions. By no means are these descriptions, or missions absolute. An UNSC Navy persons can participate in Raids, an SPARTAN-III could play competitively. These are just the purpose to what will earn the right to be under said branch or program. While the Army, the Rangers-special forces of the army are inactivated, the niche communities were a heavier emphasis on role play writing, story telling with expansion to gaming community growing recruiting efforts as the ranks reflect. The UNSC Air Force as well, currently inactivated was purposefully formed to cater to the Halo modding community.

One day I'll come back to this and clean it up, but for now just thought to put this out there.

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