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I would like to request a promotion of LCpl. Blueaero. This promotion is long over due. Not only has Blueaero completed the necessary requirements for this promotion, he has gone above and beyond what should be asked of him as a Lance Corporal. This promotion is late and I take full responsibility for that. LCpl. Blueaero has successfully lead a Fireteam and is not been selected as a Squad Leader for the UNSC Razor. He is consistently hosting and attending events. He has been on the forefront with our ground troops and has gained the admiration and respect of his peers.

I remember one of the first games I played with LCpl. Blueaero, LCDR. Harry hosted a team tac and asked Blueaero to lead the team. At first Blueaero was reserved but after a round or two he started to really lead. Although his time in my Fireteam was short, he has come far from that first team tac game. I am proud to have him as a peer, working side by side on the UNSC Razor. 

Sgt. Nemesis
UNSC Razor
Junior Head Instructor

Marine Command
Bravo Squad Leader


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