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UNSC Marine Corps. Rank Restructure (Proposed Requirements)

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This is something we've been working on that's just about done. After complaints of this shit being too hard for people or the argument that newer generation of gaming don't put in the effort to do anything we've decided to review the ranks for each branch. Since I created the marines branch me, @Dale Kilkin and @Alexander Reaves have kind of always been peering into the better function of this. 

One thing we removed entirely is the achievements. This is something we needed to do since Xbox 360's being sunset.

Another thing that's been changed, dramatically to add is the ranks requirements. Unofficially, to add because I'm not sure if their was an announcement. Most of the functions of the clan we're looking to change preparing for Infinite. We want a lean managed, agile group keeping compartmentalized enough to keep different sects of the community but able to schedule anything, at anytime. Scheduling is largely entrusted to staff because its important we show belly, before clans stop talking to us knowing what we're capable of. 

The core concepts of the marine branch rely on the clans relational status to the community overall. The ranks have been changed to reflect this and reflect how one would get into leadership. 

To be as clear as can be, some of the senior enlisted ranks will be treated the same as lower CO, and so the senior enlisted will have similar if not the same rank requirements of some of the higher ranks. We've seen people skip these ranks entirely taking OCS or greater responsibilities. Maybe less than 100 people have actually been in E7-E9 ranks over the course of 10 years to really put perspective. 

Anyways, this is what we have so far. From now until the beginning of Infinite we'll probably tweak this.  

https://www.semper-vigilans.org/organization/ranks/unsc-marine-corps/ ] 

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