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4v4 Trinity Empire | 1/9/2021

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8 [Friendly:4, Hostile:4]

MLG 4v4

Practice tactical communication in a 4v4 setting against another clan.

@Cryztal Lynk@Nemesis@MajorPlayz@CallMeLarson893| HM Rin, Tmoney421667, Whoisxerx, Joviun | jaido3 [First Match Only] 

B1ue Team Sucks set up a 4v4 MLG event for us to practice team/tactical communications. The 4v4 was against Trinity Empire. Our lineup consisted of CallMeLaron893, SausageSammy742, DSB Nemesis, and myself. I substituted for Gamer, who had real life difficulties and could not play.
The first match was MLG Sanctuary, with MLG Slayer. Communications seemed to be a bit lacking, and we struggled to adjust to the setting. The other team was more prepared than us and had been able to hold map control the entire time. This match felt more like a warmup for us, as we were trying to begin communications and teamshotting. This match was lost, 50-34.
The second match was MLG Zealot with MLG Slayer. The communication started picking up, and we had everyone begin calling out. However, once more, the other team was more prepared than us. They took hold of the map and our spawns were forced into a more passive area. We were getting warmed up, but tension was rising and we ended up losing the match. 50-33.

The third match was MLG The Pit with MLG CTF. Our communication was once more, on point. There was barely any unnecessary chatter. This match felt more back and forth. They held map control for the majority of the game, as well as power weapons. We began working together more, and while we never capped a flag, we pulled the flag to the middle of the map multiple times. The opposite team pulled our flag and got one point. The timer ran out by the end. 1-0.

Overall, while we lost, we learned exactly what we wanted to. Our team communication is warming up and there was very little to no chatter. Everyone remained focused for almost the entire duration. Nemesis did great today, both in slaying and overall leadership. He kept as positive as possible. I would suggest playing more together for everyone to build chemistry. Sammy also did great. He kept chatter to a minimum, and he kept his cool. I would suggest improving upon playing under pressure. Larson did good as well. He communicated clearly, and never lost his temper once. I would suggest that he practices more on Halo Reach, to improve upon slayer abilities. I feel like I played very well, and I would like to work on chemistry as well as keeping calm during gameplay- Be it temper or nerves.

The other clan played amazingly and they were very respectful the entire time. We did not have a single problem with them in game or in chat, they never once came off as rude. They switched one player out for another to balance teams more. Overall, I would happily attend events with them in the future.

It was unknown to us to take screenshots of the end game stats. I took screenshots of what I could in theatre.
[First Match]

[Second Match]

[Third Match unavailable due to being CTF, the stats only show flag captures in theatre.]

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