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Training-Promotion System Outdated Discussion

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In all honesty I believe our training system and promotion system is no longer as effective. I don’t expect an abundance of positive feedback for this but I really want to see this clan grow again. After retiring I’ve joined two other clans to pass the time and those two clans I was in had 60+ members. The difference between our standards and theirs was their promotion system and training system.

First off they promoted based on recruiting, leadership skills and activity. I believe here we can keep the standard of activity reports for NCO ranks but maybe make the numbers less expansive. Instead of 100+ action reports maybe 10 or 15 considering the clan is rather small at the moment and that includes how often we can host events. Our system should be challenging but not saturated with intense requirements that sometimes even overshadow those of the real US Military.

The UCMB is very expansive on lore but should be made shorter, nobody wants to do three weeks of training and that’s the honest truth. Many people in the community are lazy unfortunately and don’t want to commit that much time into training. The UCMB should become a two day course with the rest being given in a discord channel to be studied or a website link to the specific articles.

The other clans I have been in typically have an hour long training after recruitment and that would be it. While it sounds short it worked and it allowed for faster growth, these clans also had activities almost daily including external and internal events.

To conclude I think we need to make our requirements less aggressive. In a Roleplay aspect they’re phenomenal but in reality in a video game they’re insane. These requirements worked when Semper Vigilans was a large clan with multiple units but this isn’t 2016 anymore. It’s 2020 and we are a very small clan now with such strict requirements nobody wants to join us or stick with us. I came back to this clan because I want to help make it grow again.

I hope you guys read this even if you disagree I’d like my opinion to be stated and I really hope it could at least be given a chance. We can easily become a large clan again if we cut some corners on our Roleplay standards. Also I posted this in Perscom since it’s enlistment and individual specific but if it’s the wrong chat I can copy and move it.


Copy and pasted from #perscom

I wanted to really discuss this further instead of the signing up stuff as to me this is a more pressing concern than deciding on wether e want new people to sign up or not.

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