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GT Halo

Although registration may have already closed for GTHalo's "schoolyard" style tournament, which pairs two set duos onto full teams, you'll still be able to enjoy the action over on twitch.tv/GTHalo this Saturday, September 26, starting at 9am PT!


Our friends at SWAT Nation just opened registration for their SWAT O'WEEN tournament at the end of October. Much like GT Halo's schoolyard style tournaments, this SWAT competition will also pair duos randomly to form full squads. To learn more about the event and register, head to swatnation.net/events!


Our second episode of Halo Game Sense showcases an absolutely insane Killpocalypse from RyaNoob during an MCC Pro Series tournament match. With the help of the Muggsy's phenomenal video editing, Shyway walks us through the memorable play step-by-step. The level of detail in this piece has truly made it one of my favorite Halo videos of all time. This is what I would consider "a must watch":

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