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    TIER ONE is the esports organization subsidiary to ONI, it is a crowd funded fully incorporated esports organization with month-to-month based contracts to players and paid positions to staff, graphic artist and content creators. It is an elite unit funded to introduce talent in Halo specifically to compete in the Halo Championship Series and Grass Roots Tournaments.

    This unit is only available to the best of the best, scouting talent in the amateur Halo community and from within rising ranks of our own.


  • Esports Is The Future.

    Esports is a merger of technology and sport, and all sports at their core are games. Competitive gaming is now bigger than ever. Year on year, live viewership has grown by over 90%. Sales of games far outstrip combined sales of music and movies - and the gap is increasing as mobile gaming takes hold. Whatever platform you look at - console, PC, mobile or cloud - games provide a place for humanity to meet and play together, in a world often divided. As interest in games increases, so does interest in competitive gaming.

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