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As a community around Halo and the growing gaming industry, we find ourselves in a twilight world with no friends at dusk. Things that we want to do come at a cost beyond our operational budget. Operational costs consisting of paying for security, sustainability and performance of our cloud instance and applications. Making this website, Discord Level 3 and other applications hosting/support to bring the features that make ONI to you at its best form and function. As we grow in scale so does our cost structure, the budgets created for entertainment like tournaments and events needs a new home parsed out from the operational costs to be more effectively managed. In this decision, here we have decided to separate the community funds entirely to become crowdfunded as you see before yourself today. 

Feel free to leave a tip, any donation here is returned to you through tournament prizes, gift giving and more! 

Raised $45.00

PENDING/ Limbitless3d


Taking note of the addition of more customization options on Halo Infinite, we wanted to really put our support where its needed in projects where we see our future Spartans benefitting from. In this we found Limbitless Solutions and the innovative technology they are developing. A non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals through personalized, creative, and expressive bionics. 

https://limbitless-solutions.org/ ] 

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PENDING/ Navy Wounded Warrior Partnership

As the Office of Naval Intelligence fictitiously, we are still true to our root name inspiring the storywriters of Halo and honor the actual service of real US Navy. In this, raising money and bringing awareness to veterans of the Navy we've identified the Navy Wounded Warrior program which has provided assistance to over 7,600 seriously wounded, ill and injured service members located throughout the country. Navy Wounded Warrior is the Navy’s sole organization for coordinating the non-medical care of seriously wounded, ill and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, and providing resources and support to their families. 

https://www.navywoundedwarrior.com/ ]

Raised $0.00

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