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Vidmaster Challenges

WHAT ARE VIDMASTERS?  Defined by the Bungie game company as "someone who has mastered Marathon to its fullest", Marathon being a very old (in game terms) first-person shooter released by that company. A vidmaster must play on the hardest difficulty level, with every inconvenience possible to make the game harder to complete. While this later would include LASO or Legendary All Skulls On as apart of the technical definition, a Vidmaster and the Vidmaster Challenges originally did not include


Accessing in Development

18th Anniversary

Founded in September 24th, 2004 5:20 AM PDT So much has changed from when we first started to now. From when I first organized games together, full lobbies across timezones gaming throughout the night tp now writing guides and sharing stories anticipating Halo Infinite's Forge update. One thing remains the same, and that is my passion here for this and in members. ONI has been a home to me and I hope to many others in just the experience we've created, adding to playing Halo. I can never '

Yankee Tango Broadcasting Stations

First and foremost I need to announce (this is the official announcement) that we're going to be building a publishing team to consistently meet the deadlines and demand for Halo content in areas not already covered by the top 10 Halo content creators currently on the platform. For details of the publishing team and more specifically the 2 YouTube channels this thread is going to be about message me over here or Discord, be sure to include details about messaging me for the YouTube channels thou


Accessing in YOUTUBE

Proposed Plan for ONI

Hello all, Shawn here, again.  I don't know if Accessing is suddenly a daunting name to confront, believe it or not I changed my gamer tag solely because I thought it sounds cool and the option presented itself when I was looking for one but now people treat me like a completely different person, It's a little odd to be treated like a robot, or accused of impersonating myself but I can only expect the shallow likeness of my Xbox Live profiles and Discords with little presence around Halo an
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